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Finding the perfect Halloween costume might require countless hours scouring Amazon or numerous big-box retail stores - or just one visit with an international costume champion.

Yes, there is such a thing, and Melodye Adomaitis, owner of Adomaitis Antiques and Theatrics, knows what it takes to have the best costume in the room. 

“You have to research the costume, know your history, know the right time period and how the things were made,” Adomaitis says. “We went to the competition and entered the authentic category. There are all different categories, but because our knowledge of history was so strong, we entered the Somewhere in Time category and won.” 

A staple in Old Town Saginaw, the shop began because of her love of clothes. 

“We opened the shop with vintage clothes because I loved and collected vintage clothes because I didn't want to look like everyone else,” she says. “We started selling vintage clothes, and we did style shows and photoshoots and all of the young people got into it and we just had a great time.”

Adomaitis saw that many people were more interested in renting their vintage clothing than purchasing them, so she and her husband joined the National Costume Association. 

“That was wild. We had conventions - six parties a day that you had to dress for!” she says. “You have never met such interesting people as costumers. They’re just ready to party and they’re just the nicest, sweetest, most down to earth people you could ever meet.”  

Today, the shop supplies costumes to local schools, theater productions, independent artists and cosplayers. 

And, of course, people looking for the perfect Halloween costume. 

Adomaitis says it’s expertise that sets her shop apart from what people will find on the internet or in big-box retail. 

“We have higher quality costumes to begin with,” she says, “I have thousands of costumes in this shop, and we can help them, we can help them have things fit properly, accessorize their outfits, complete their outfits, and they'll walk out of here looking authentic to what they want to be, whatever they want to be; if it's a cowboy or a cop, or a nun or a priest or the pope.” 

Adomaitis Antiques and Theatrics is located at 412 Court Street, and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm. 

You can contact Melodye by phone at (989) 790-7469 or through her website,
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