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Richie Rich's Downtown Deli

Richie Rich’s Downtown Deli is the new old kid on the block.

“We originally opened up in 1994 over on the corner of Michigan and Hancock. We were open there for 11 years, but we’ve been at our current location at 216 Federal Avenue since June,” says Rich Kramer, the owner of Richie Rich’s Downtown Deli.

“When I travel, I like eating at delicatessens. You can handpick this or handpick that, and I didn’t see that anywhere in Saginaw. So I thought, why not do something like that?” he says.

Along with offering soups and salads, you can choose from more than 12 different signature sandwiches or build your own.

“You can build your own sandwich or alter any of my top sandwiches - and it won’t hurt my feelings!” Kramer laughs.

Making a connection to his original locations name of “Richie Rich’s New York Deli” all the signature sandwiches follow a New York theme: the Manhatten, the Long Island, the Lincoln Tunnel, etc.

Opening a business in 1994 and then opening a business more recently gives Kramer a unique perspective on how Saginaw is changing.

“We’re all very optimistic about what could happen here,” he says. “Delta coming down here and CMU and their medical school. We have outstanding small businesses and restaurants. The area is significantly different than when I first opened back in ‘94.

I can see Saginaw’s stubborn commitment to itself.”

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