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Saginaw beauty Suites

“The salon environment isn’t for everybody who offers beauty-related services. Then COVID-19 hit and people started looking for options to minimize the chance of exposure.

I’ve been watching the industry and over the past five to seven years, and it’s been shifting towards individuals working from suites. Last year the salon industry saw a 15% growth - only 5% were salons. 10% of that growth was from suites.

This building was available and perfect. Each suite will be about 320 square feet which is huge and spacious, especially if you’re working by yourself. Two of the suites will be luxury suites with room for two people.

All the suites will come with a stand behind sink, a hydraulic chair, a station and a sink for cleaning. If someone isn’t a stylist, we will also provide equipment to help them start, no matter what services they offer. If they already have the equipment they would like to use, that’s alright as well.
Tenants will be able to decorate the suite to fit their brand. There will be in-house laundry machines, utilities, WiFi and 24-hour key card access so they can make their own schedules.

Want to cut hair at 2AM? You can do that!

We will offer two options for lease payments; $180 per week for standard suites, $300 per week for the two-person luxury suites. Or people can pay monthly and save: standard suites are $700 per month and Luxe Suites are $1000 per month.

We hope to have everything ready by the end of the year. We will have nine suites available and there are five already on the reservation list, but I want as many people as possible to apply because of the application process. I want to look at business models and be honest with people about whether or not this situation will work for them.
I want to build a little community here. The hair girl can refer someone to the wax girl and vice versa. We’ll get to know each other and be able to collaborate.”

- Janey Cascadden,

Saginaw Beauty Suites and Rock Your Locks Salon

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