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Lynn Moore, Covenant HealthCare

“My daughter worked closely with two young ladies who had the coronavirus. She ended up with it, running 103.8 temps around the clock, despite Tylenol. I packed ice around her body. She was a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale.

My heart broke. Not only because I was seeing my own daughter go through this and wishing I could take it away from her, but because of the other people I care for with it, the people who have lost their lives because of it. I prayed for everybody in our country is going through this.

I also went through a cancer treatment while she was battling the coronavirus. I certainly had to be careful, but I used the same precautions I would use at work and that kept me safe.

After three weeks, she started to drop to the 102-degree range and lingered there for a bit. She made a full recovery with no heart problems or other issues.
I always felt grateful and blessed that I could continue caring for our patients, caring for others, and being a productive member of our pediatric team. I meet amazing families and get to provide them with compassion. I’ve done laundry for families at my own home so they can stay with their kids.

Especially in women’s and children’s services, it’s all about making the whole experience as good as possible during a difficult moment. We want to keep them feeling loved while they’re here."

- Lynn Moore, Nursing Care Assistant, Covenant HealthCare