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Hustle Harder

"It was my son’s birthday. We were looking for something for him to wear to his party, so I came up with an outfit for both him and me. We had to get creative on our own, because we didn’t want to look like everybody else.

That was 3 years ago, That’s when I decided to start my own clothing brand. Saginaw is a city full of hustlers. I knew a lot of people could relate to the name “Hustle Harder”. From young to old, from school to work, to working out. Anything you do, you gotta hustle harder to get to the top.

At first, it was a little intimidating. You doubt yourself sometimes. You gotta give yourself that extra little kick and you gotta do it right. It’s all about satisfying the customers. Once you gravitate to them and see what they like, they keep coming back for more.

Prior to starting my clothing line, I worked for myself at my auto detailing shop, my first business. For awhile, I was doing both at the same time. Double duty. About a year ago, I went strictly to working on the clothing line, trying to get it to the next level. More people started coming to me for more orders.

People liking it made me want to go harder with it.

My biggest mistake was not starting sooner. About 6 years ago, I first had the idea to launch an apparel line. It took me a whole nother few years to get it started. Sometimes when you get those ideas, you have to just go right in. I regret not starting sooner.

My advice to my younger self would be, just don’t expect anything. Just go in it and put your all in it. Go for the best. Manage your expectations.

Sometimes, people you think will support you, won’t. People won’t always see your vision when you’re fresh off. When you get that external discouragement, you start to wonder if you should wait. You have to be prepared for that. You can’t satisfy everybody. So just do what you can do for them and be okay with it.

Just know that it’s a long road. Don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. That will get you further than anything.

Don’t ever give up. Hustle harder."

- Quintin Stephens, Hustle Harder