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The Saginaw Art Museum Frame Shop

“It will be 30 years this April that I’ve been in the framing business. It’s always been a great job. Getting here, though, was a little different.

I started framing back in ’91 at a shop called Hang Ups Gallery in Midland. I didn’t even apply for the job. My ex-wife saw an ad and sent in my resume. I received a call and had no idea who I was talking to. They said I applied for a framing job. I went to the interview and I liked what I saw. I was unemployed at the time so I took the position.

I fell in love with the work.

I started out strictly making frames. Then I got into oil canvas stretching and matte cutting. Back then we were doing about 25 orders a day. We had the owner upfront doing the sales and I was doing everything else in the back. I had to learn how to cut mattes, scratch needlepoint work, and design French lines and mattes. All kinds of crazy stuff. It was great to learn.

But we had to close Hang Ups because of the economy. I was out of that line of work for a few months when an old customer contacted me about some work at the Art Museum. It was just to reframe some stuff that was getting reconditioned. I told him I was interested and everything just fell into place and became a full-time job.

I’ve been with the Art Museum for almost seven years..and it’s been a great seven years. To see the smiles on the faces of customers after they bring in their new artwork or pieces that are beaten, and transforming them into something they can put on their walls and appreciate is just so nice. I can actually say I love getting up in the morning to come and do my job.”

- Tim Verdusco, The Saginaw Art Museum Frame Shop