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True Millenium Gear

“My first side hustle was in seventh and eighth-grade buying candy and selling it at school. If we didn't have snacks in school, I’d be the go-to guy! It made quick and easy money, man. Everybody wants candy.

But my actual first job was when I was 15, I was a freshman or a sophomore and I worked at Arby's, but I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I really dove into it back in 2008. I was actually working at Delphi and came into a situation where I got laid off for a few months. I wanted to do a side hustle so I did a little business that introduced me to retail.

I always had great support, especially from my wife. She kept telling me to step out and open my own business, but that idea of ‘comfort over faith’ always held me back. You get comfortable getting a regular paycheck.

But I stepped out and started up True Millennium Gear in 2019. I still do have a full-time job as well as running this, but I stepped out!

True Millennium represents being true to yourself -- you're not a pleaser to the world. I've always wanted whatever business I’ve started to mean something. It’s important to wear clothes that reflect you. I mean, it’s kind of like when a man gets a haircut, or a woman gets their hair done. It’s the same thing with your clothing, you feel good about it your whole day.

You feel confident in yourself -- you just feel good.”

- Doug Coleman, owner, True Millennium Gear