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"We had the dream, we had the vision, we had the finances. We were ready to do this.

We just didn't have a place.

About two years ago we started the conversation about opening a gym. We had everything ready to go, it was just trying to find that spot where you felt in your gut, 'This is the place, this is where we need to be.'

We found that place here in Old Town.

Number one, the growth in this area, in the city, and on the riverfront is something we want to be part of. There are a lot of great things happening down here.

This building also used to be Old Town Gym, which was another factor. Old Town Gym was my hangout in high school. It was like all the stars were aligning, all the planets were aligning. This is where we need to be.

Another big reason why we wanted to start the gym was as a whole family business. We're all into fitness. We have a grandson now. Why not get him right in there, have a great time. That being said, there were a lot of renovations that needed to happen before we could move in. When my kids came through the first time, they were like, ‘Dad, we don't see it’.

My wife and I started doing it. As it started coming together, they were just blown away, every time.

Two of the things we firmly believe in, to have a successful life, you have to have your faith and you have to have your health.

We want to be able to help in the health arena. We can help people.

We're excited to see people that want to make a life change. To be better and to be healthier so they live longer and can be there for their children and grandchildren.

That's what we want."

- Homero and Mary Trevino, owner of the new 120Fitness