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It's great getting to help smaller businesses. We're bringing together our best ideas and best practices to apply to real problems. Because of things like our website and app development, our business can help let the world know what Saginaw has to offer, as well as really promoting what a good place it is to live. 

We get into your business with you: putting on the white gloves, or taking the white gloves off and getting our hands dirty. Either way, we're involved, we're going to be part of that process and we're going to help make an impact. It's not what we offer, it's the way that we care for people.

At the end of the day we can do business, and we can exchange money, but if we don't do it on a human level, we lose that element. We literally get to be with humans all day, every day. We get to see exactly how humans interact. It's like a giant social experiment, but you get to be part of it and for me that's the fuel. This is something new every day. It's always something to be learned, always something to grow into.

We are a full service product design and development agency. We offer web design, app development, and advanced technologies like augmented reality solutions and AI chatbots.

Websites can be a static website, CMS website, ecommerce website, all the way up into a custom web application. You dream it up, we can build it. 

We also do custom software, usually mobile apps and web applications. We can come into a business, see how they're using software and figure out where their bottleneck is. We can see where they're having to repeat things and we can build custom software to automate those steps and free up their bottlenecks. 

There's an ethical boundary that comes with UX (user experience) research. That ethical boundary is: We have to be very careful that we don't take on clients that are unethical. If we do research and show them how to convert, we're enabling them to take money from others. When we get into UX research, it's very clear we can't cross those ethical boundaries or guidelines. We don't want to work with anybody like that anyway. 

If we're going to take on a project, we want to be excited about it, we want to hold hands through the process and be just as involved as the owner of that product or service is. We've got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline right now with great clients, and that's the goal: helping small businesses in any way we can to compete with some of the bigger players.

Some of the top website mistakes we see of local businesses and their websites, on the homepage alone are, either not being mobile responsive, or not having a fast load time. 

Fast load time is relative to your search engine rank placing now.  

We would also say, and this is actually a big one, not having catchy enough content in your top fold, which refers to the content that is visible when a page first loads. 

It's gotta grab your attention. The user drop off from that is unbelievable. That's the most important part of your site.

An interesting aspect of what we do different from a lot of other firms when we approach software development or website design, is we don't just look at ourselves as developers and designers. 

We don't just take your requirements and process that for you. We look at ourselves as business consultants who use software development and website design as a tool, to bring transformational change to your business. 

We go beyond what you see as the requirements and we try to take that to the next level and bring even more value.

One of the things we do, as developers is, you come to me and you say, I want a CMS (content management system) website. 33% of websites out there are WordPress. It's the most popular CMS system out there 

There are a lot of developers where that's the only CMS they know, so they steer you towards it. If you need ecommerce, you get WooCommerce because that's the best one for WordPress. 

With us, we come in and look at your requirements and your budget then we're going to determine what's best for that client. 

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